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Residential Products

Residential units can be sized to fit your individual needs. Whether you are looking only to power essentials or you want a whole house application we can help. Do you work from home or have a loved one that needs medical equipment? We can find a generator that will meet your needs. We have units that can be fitted for propane vapor, natural gas or diesel.

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RS Series

RS20 Generator

Capacity: 13kW or 20kW

The RS Series is a compact unit with Cummins unique load management system. This allows the consumer to put more circuits on a smaller generator. This saves the consumer in the long run because operating costs are generally lower.

QT Series

QT Generator Series

Capacity: 22kW - 70kW

The Generac QT Series is a larger liquid-cooled unit capable of handling whole house applications. This would mean that instead of considering what will work when the power is out that everything will function normally.

Guardian Series

Guardian Generator Series

Capacity: 7kW / 14 kW / 20kW

The Guardian Series is a compact Generac unit and when used with a load management system can allow consumers to put more circuits on a smaller generator. This helps bring operating costs down overall.

Corepower Series

Corepower Generator Series

Capacity: 7kW

The Corepower Series is a Generac unit offering a compact generator to handle bare essentials in the event of a power outage. This can be an economical solution to handle your generator needs.

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Alternator Dryer Kit For use with RS air-cooled models

LP Conversion Kit For use with RS13A and RS13AC

Battery Blanket Kit For use with all RS models

Additional In-Home Display For use with RS air-cooled models

In-Home Display Harness w/1-ft Pigtail (Shown)

Generator to ATS Harness For use with RS air-cooled models

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