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Power Outages Ruin Christmas! 

Posted by Vaunda Davis Thursday, December 26, 2013 11:39:00 AM

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My family and I had a great day together, but some were not as fortunate. Nature does not have to ruin a special day, be ready for anything. Contact us to help you prepare.


Winter is here! 

Posted by Vaunda Davis Monday, December 23, 2013 1:10:00 PM

According to the article on MSN news today, the first day of winter brought power outages to those hit by the blustery winter weather! Just what we didn't want for Christmas. Be prepared with a backup generator when the lights go out. While the rest of your block is sitting in the dark your family will be reminiscing about old times around the Christmas tree. Call us today (816) 854-9992. Whether you need us to install a generator or service an existing one, we can help. We provide fast reliable service every time!







Weather is unpredictable! 

Posted by Vaunda Davis Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:02:00 PM
The weather in the Midwest has always been unpredictable! As we head into the winter months be sure you are ready for whatever comes our way. Whether we have freezing rain and downed power lines or heavy wet snow as we have for the last couple years, be prepared with a backup generator for your home or office. Call us today (816) 854-9992.

No new show for South Park fans! 

Posted by Vaunda Davis Monday, October 21, 2013 4:23:00 PM Categories: Outages
"South Park" fans will have to wait until next week for a new episode. A power outage at South Park Studios Tuesday night prevented the crew from finishing tonight's planned episode. The South Park crew is known to be on a ridiculously tight schedule. "It sucks to miss an air date," said co-creator Trey Parker in the release. "But after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess it was bound to happen." Just think all of this could be avoided with a backup generator. Call us today at (816) 854-9992 for details!

Power Outage Delays Game 3 

Posted by Vaunda Davis Saturday, October 19, 2013 12:54:00 PM Categories: Outages

The USA Today Headline 3 days ago read, "Power outage delayed Game 3 in Detroit". According to the article, a nearby substation went offline. Pitcher John Lackey was none too happy with the outage as he stood with his arm wrapped in a towel. The article reminded us of the Super Bowl power outage that happened last February. A backup generator would have been helpful in both instances. Be sure to ask us how to keep the lights on during your favorite sporting event!

Winter is approaching 

Posted by i7MEDIA Support Friday, October 04, 2013 4:28:00 PM Categories: Outages

We are approaching winter again folks! Last year as reported by the Associated Press about 30,000 people in northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas had no power due to heavy, wet snow hitting the region. You can be prepared this year with a backup generator! While others are trying to huddle together for warmth or worse yet, braving the storm to find other shelter you will be cozy and warm in your own home! Call us today at (816) 854-9992 for more details.

No power means lost revenue! 

Posted by i7MEDIA Support Friday, August 16, 2013 12:03:00 PM Categories: Outages

When businesses lose power it means lost revenue! According to Dr. Massoud Amin, director of the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota, updating the electrical grid would save an estimated $40 billion per year. That number alone is staggering! However, consider this, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers America’s infrastructure received a D+ rating in 2013. This has been unchanged since 2009. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows an increasing number of power outages over the last decade. The EIA reports that there were 349 outages affecting 50,000 or more customers annually from 2004 – 2009. Since our infrastructure is not being upgraded it is important as a business owner that you focus on protecting yourself with a backup generator. How much of that $40 billion can you afford to lose? Call us today at (816) 854-9992 for more details.

Summer time blues 

Thursday, August 15, 2013 8:13:00 AM Categories: Outages

Do you think that you only lose power when bad weather strikes? Picture this… it’s a hot sunny afternoon in August. The temperature just hit 102 degrees. All you really want to do is sit inside and get out of the heat. As you are just sitting down around the table with your kids to play a game of Scrabble the power goes out. Now you are worried about how long the outage will last. Will your food spoil? Will the heat of the day affect your ability to sleep? Susie has asthma and the hot weather is really hard on her. According to KMBC news about 6,000 customers in Kansas City, Kansas lost power on a hot Saturday afternoon in August. Call us today and we can show you how to protect your family if this were to happen to you. A backup generator would mean that things go on as if the event never even happened. Call us today at (816) 854-9992 for more details.

Power outages happen. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable
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